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Tips to improve your shots on Dog photography

Dog photography can be really fun and easy

Shiba Inu, dog photography

Having pet photos taken at the park, backyard, outdoor often end up with better results. Do remember to bring along their favourite treats or toys (to get their attention, excitement or focus), water for them to hydrate. Only unleash them if they are trained, or you might end up chasing them everywhere.

english cocker spaniel, dog photography

Composition plays a big part in dog photography too, so environment matters. Be it a clean background or a nice foreground will make your furkid standout in a photo. But please don't risk placing your dog anywhere that might hurt him/her. If i see a nice spot that will work for a nice composition, i'll first check the spot before i try to place the dog there. Placing them by applying the third rule or simply placing them in the middle works, just wait for the right pose or expression.

golden retriever, dog photography

Aperture does help with getting a clean background with shallow depth of field. But it will also screw with the focusing, resulting in out of focus images. So do take note, you can always try and shoot more just in case.

Shiba Inu puppy, dog photography

Shutter speed is key to dog photography. As most dogs are pretty active and we love to capture them in action, fast shutter speed allow us to do that. Fast shutter speed will allow you to freeze the action. Shoot on a good sunny day when you are shooting with ambient lighting. It will help boost your shutter speed. Or have someone to help you with a flash, in that case weather wouldn't matters as much.

english cocker spaniel, dog photography

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ― Roger A. Caras

Shiba Inu, dog photography

Angle, go low. Create a different perspective, go eye level to them. This angle of shooting allow you to capture their actual appearance. You will get their actual posture. With modern camera's flip screen and impressive mobile phone cameras, shooting from low angle isn't a hard thing to do anymore. We no longer need to lay down on the ground to capture such angle shots.

But then again do not confine to one angle, try all possible angle to seek for interesting compositions. You will be amazed by how different they look at different angles with their overloaded cuteness!

Golden Retriever, dog photography

Create interactions! Not only do we want to capture the best of our furkids we also want to capture the best moments of them with us. Breaks from walks/playtime are the best time to get your camera ready.

Family portrait, dog photography

Even a simple patting moment can look good with the right composition and lighting.

English Cocker Spaniel, dog photography

Lighting is the key of making your photos stand out. Be it a nice backlight or a good golden hour soft light. Of course if you want to use a reflector or artificial lighting to further improve your shots even better!

english cocker spaniel, dog photography

Or setup a home studio, just a black cloth and LED/flash/strobe does the trick!

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