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Day at the beach

with Boyboy the English Cocker Spaniel!

#dog #cockerspaniel #dogphotography

For a 10yr old dog who have never swim before, day at the beach is a milestone!

#familyportrait #love

More so when it's pawrent mummy's 40th Birthday!

We planned to arrive at the beach early in the morning so that Boyboy gets to play longer as the weather in Singapore can be unforgiving when the sun is out. We was We start shooting some portrait before the swim around the beach.


It is amazing that Boyboy went straight into the water and started swimming without been instructed. Since he have never swim before, i guess his adventurous spirit overcome his fear. It's a joy to see him having such a great time! Enjoying the swim like a pro! (safety come first for all our shoots, humans are staying arm's length to him)

#swim #action

How can we miss moments like this!


Luckily we've already shot all the balloon scene. Once he got hold of the balloon it's gone within seconds.


We had a great time shooting this dog model!

Tons of amazing photos. Do check out the whole album here


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